MG Parramatta Delivered 19 MG 3 Auto Fleet Cars To Rashays Australia.

Rashays Australia was in search of a fleet car for their team members. The team were after good value vehicle that could add value to their growing business and help them expand. That's when MG Parramatta was reached out and given the opportunity to service Rashays Australia.

Michael Kozicki, our Fleet Manager here at MG Parramatta applied his years of expertise in analyzing the best suitable package for Rashays. He then recommended the all-new MG 3, the best-valued hatchback in Australia and Rashays loved them.

Michael and the team were able to deliver the vehicles without a hiccup. His years of industry experience put into play was a big help for the business to go through. It was a challenging, but an inspirational experience for the whole team at MG Parramatta and Rashays, Australia.

With our flexible Fleet solutions such as Novated Leasing, Fleet Management, and expertise of our Fleet Manager, MG Parramatta Fleet department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive fleet package and help your business grow. For any Fleet Enquiries, you can contact our Fleet manager by filling the form in our Fleet Page.